Serato DJ CPU overload

Recently Josh from B Kuhl Entertainment came in to the shop with his DJM-900SRT, 2 CDJ-2000NXS (Thanks for the business)  and a newer Mac Book Pro. His audio files played fine but the visual feedback was choppy. We checked his activity monitor, and found Serato was using over 100% of the CPU. Because we have experienced problems with iTunes intergration into Serato in the past, we found success when we removed the cursor from the iTunes crate. We then went into Serato setup, choose the Libary + Display tab, we then unchecked the Show iTunes Libary box. This lead to the visual feedback playing back smoothly, even with 4 decks playing simultaneously.

Ableton Pan Law effect racks

Our in house Ableton Certified Trainer and adjunct professor at Madison Media Institute Wyatt Agard saw a tweet from DeadMau5 complaining about Ableton not having any way to deal with pan law (the fact that something is louder when in the center of the mix than when panned to one edge). So he decided to do something about it. Here’s his set of three effects racks to deal with the problem. Each works the same way: the first macro of the effect rack should now be used as your pan knob. 64 is center mix. As you pan, the rack will automatically boost volume as you move farther from the center. Depending on what console or program you are used to you would load the appropriate DB Pan Law Rack.

Download: Pan Law Racks

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Launchpad-S Review with Ableton Certified Trainer Wyatt Agard

Novation Launchpad-S
Street Price $169.95

  • Pros:

This is a well built, compact, bus powered, midi controller. Perfect for the artist on go, don’t let the size or cost fool you. This unit is equally at home in the studio, at home, or on the go. This is a efficient clip launch controller for Ableton, it comes with Ableton Launchpad edition, basically the LE version of Ableton. Also very popular for Bridge/Serato integration, we have also used it as a DMX scene and video clip launcher.

  • Cons:

The pads are not velocity sensitive, limiting some of it’s studio potential. It’s compact size doesn’t allow for simultaneous control of multiple parameters.

  • Overall:

A great value for the price. Perfect as a first piece to introduce you to the world of ableton, while still being useful to even to the pros.

4/5 Lead Stabs