Up lighting in an Outdoor Beer Garden at a Thursday Event we DJ and Light

We started DJing this with out any lighting at all, after a couple nights we decided to bring down a couple of Chauvet MinLaser’s and an Eclipse. We’ve since added various other kinds lighting to create a unique and highly successful evening.
Thursday evenings starting at 7:30 in Madison, WI. The Great Dane downtown in the beer garden.
DJ’s/Lighting Set-up: Mike Carlson, Nick Nice, and Rob Allegretti.
Lighting supplied by MC Audio

The lights used are all Chauvet:

1- Geyser RGB
3- ColorDash Accent
2- SlimBank UV18
2- Slim Par 64 LED
1- Slim Par 56 LED
1- Freedom Par RGBA
1- Abyss LED 3.0
1- Eclipse
1- Scorpion 3D RGB
1- MinLaser FX2.0
2- MinLaser RBX