Launchpad-S Review with Ableton Certified Trainer Wyatt Agard

Novation Launchpad-S
Street Price $169.95

  • Pros:

This is a well built, compact, bus powered, midi controller. Perfect for the artist on go, don’t let the size or cost fool you. This unit is equally at home in the studio, at home, or on the go. This is a efficient clip launch controller for Ableton, it comes with Ableton Launchpad edition, basically the LE version of Ableton. Also very popular for Bridge/Serato integration, we have also used it as a DMX scene and video clip launcher.

  • Cons:

The pads are not velocity sensitive, limiting some of it’s studio potential. It’s compact size doesn’t allow for simultaneous control of multiple parameters.

  • Overall:

A great value for the price. Perfect as a first piece to introduce you to the world of ableton, while still being useful to even to the pros.

4/5 Lead Stabs

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