One-Deck Instant Doubles with DJ P3096

We got this great video and write up from our guy P3096 who holds it down out in Oakland, CA as part of the Dead Man Sound Crew. This is a real life saver for those times when a needle breaks or a turntable isn’t functioning up to par.

From P3096:
Here is a quick video demonstrating how to beat juggle with the Rane TTM57 and one turntable using Serato. This technique can also be used for mixing and will save your butt if you show up at a gig with only one control record.

Before you start, you have to change some settings within Serato. First, enable “instant doubles” in the playback section of the setup menu. Load a track onto the left deck and put that deck in relative mode (REL). Put the right deck in internal mode (INT), and eject any loaded track on this deck so it’s empty. Next, click on the hardware tab and locate the joystick controls. Assign “instant double” to the right joystick in the up direction.

Now for the fun part…
Find a good break and set a cue point for visual reference. Play the left deck. Hit the right joystick control for “instant double” and you will see the track load onto the right deck in the same song position. You can now move the crossfader to the right deck and proceed to cue up the left deck. Repeat as needed. (This happens fast in the video so watch close!)

-Put a sticker on your record for visual reference
-Crossfade quickly so the tracks won’t overlap and phase

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