Ableton Pan Law effect racks

Our in house Ableton Certified Trainer and adjunct professor at Madison Media Institute Wyatt Agard saw a tweet from DeadMau5 complaining about Ableton not having any way to deal with pan law (the fact that something is louder when in the center of the mix than when panned to one edge). So he decided to do something about it. Here’s his set of three effects racks to deal with the problem. Each works the same way: the first macro of the effect rack should now be used as your pan knob. 64 is center mix. As you pan, the rack will automatically boost volume as you move farther from the center. Depending on what console or program you are used to you would load the appropriate DB Pan Law Rack.

Download: Pan Law Racks

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17 thoughts on “Ableton Pan Law effect racks

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  2. how to install it correctly? The file have to be set in a very specific place? Any help or link to tutorial will be very appreciate :-)

    • once you have unpacked the zip file you have three live devices. They do not need to be installed, or placed anywhere specific. We would suggest setting up a folder on your computer for all downloaded devices and then setting it as one of your places. To do this make a new folder where ever you would like it to live on your computer and put all of your downloaded devices in it. Then open up live and open up your browser. The second half of the browser is devoted to ‘places’ and at the bottom there is a command to ‘add folder’. Hit that button and navigate to the recently made folder on your computer. Once that is done you will always see that folder in your live projects.’

  3. I haven’t tried it yet, but out of curiosity, does it pan the stereo track, or does it adjust the balance between r/l?

    I tried to develop a rack to act as a stereo pan, rather than a balance, but had trouble doing it right. Curious if this does that, or if that’s in future consideration for it?

      • Thanks – I’m going to try it out later tonight – I think it would be a great addition to make it have the ability to pan the entire stereo signal. When I tried it – I had trouble deciding how to deal with the scale on moving the left side to the right side, and the right side to the left side…

        Looking forward to trying this out.

  4. I got a question about to use your really amazing rack effect, I would like to know if i need to put this rack on every channel or bus i will use or if i as example got a kick channel and i want it only mono (so i will not plan to pan it R or L) do i need to put it this rack on it also ?

    Thanks for your answer

  5. Cool plugin! Quick q, When you say:

    “Depending on what console or program you are used to you would load the appropriate DB Pan Law Rack.”

    Which one do you use for live 9 with no controller like push?

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