Classes and Education

At MC Audio, we believe knowing how to use your equipment is just as important as buying the right gear. Because of this, MC Audio offers several free, weekly classes right at the store. Whether you're long-mixing from a computer with CD players, or scratching completely analog on vinyl, we're here to help.

Free Classes

We offer the following free classes each week:

Digital DJ Class

This class is designed to teach the ins and outs of using digital DJ equipment such as a MIDI controller, CD deck, or some combination of digital media players. We have a selection of units to play on at the store, or bring your own and ask the pros your difficult questions.

What to Bring: An interest in DJing, and any music you might want to play during class(on a USB drive or CD).

When: Every Tuesday from 4PM to 6PM

Scratch Class

Our long-running scratch class is popular among new turntablists and veteran scratchers alike. We offer a great opportunity to ask all your scratching-related questions, learn some new techniques, and get some time practicing on our world class Technics setup.
Scratch Class is non-linear, so you can arrive at any time during the class, no matter what your ability level. Even if you've never touched a turntable before in your life, we're happy to get you started.

What to Bring: An interest in scratching! No equipment required!

When: Every Wednesday from 3:30PM to 7:30PM

Digital Production Class

What to Bring: A desire to make music on computers, and any audio you want to work with!


Hourly Classes

MC Audio also provides inexpensive, one-on-one training for a variety of subjects. We can help you organize your music, plan a speaker system, create your own tunes, create videos to compliment your mixes, and much more.

If needed, we can customize education to suit your needs on almost any subject in our field. Please contact us at the store to arrange times and instructors for any of our hourly classes.

We offer the following standard classes across all of our areas of expertise:

Ableton Live:
DJ Skills:
Media Production:
Speaker Systems: