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Hello and welcome to MC AUDIO, your source for professional DJ equipment, accessories, and music!

Based in Madison, Wisconsin, MC Audio isn't part of a generic chain of stores or a big box retail joint—we're a locally owned business, run by the guys and girls who actually set up and play at clubs, bars, weddings, concerts, parties, and more. We're personally experienced with every piece of equipment we sell, and give our customers the real deal on what works and what doesn't. Our recommendations and observations are based on years of hands-on knowledge; we've done everything from major club installs to DJing small local events.

Our pricing is also some of the most competitive you'll find anywhere.

Check out our Equipment page to see all the gear we've got in stock for sale and rental, or hit up the Music page to see what we've got in store on new and used vinyl.

If you've got any other questions not answered by our website, feel free to give us a call at (608)251-7746 [SPIN], and we'd be happy to help. Or if you're already in Madison, feel free to stop by 515 University Avenue.

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